The complete QOS thread
"Using QOS to control Data Flow in SOHO and Residential Buildings"

Tomato versions with labelled QOS classes and useful (mostly diagnostics) mods
Guide to Toastman builds on 4shared

Toastman Firmware Screenshots

Toastman's QOS example setups (LATEST AND BEST SO FAR)

QOS - Setting the "Max Limits"

QOS - Classifying Applications

QOS - Port information

QOS - Help for Google Voice

QOS - Concerning Unclassified Connections

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QOS - How it actually works on your router

MiniUPnPd not expiring unused port redirections

QOS - Reconfiguring QOS if connection limit is exceeded

QOS - Improving VOIP and games latency, VOIP methods

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MTU and Serialization delay

Tomato QOS - Further Development

Articles about QOS and Packet Scheduling

TCP - Transmission Control Protocol - RFC793

Network Congestion Articles by Jim Getty
Fine Tuning your Router (!!!)

Useful online test sites or software

Increasing transmitter power

RT-N16 Transmit Power levels

Chart of Power v. Country for R7000

Modification of the RT-N16 for 5GHz using mini-PCI-e Wifi Card

Some Useful BCM NVRAM Info - Various Models

Wifi connection problems
Wireless Issues

Wifi - why 2.4GHz has better range than 5GHz

Wifi connection problems
Wireless Issues - The 5GHz Band

Advanced Wireless Settings (list of wireless commands)

WMM - is it really useful?

Transmit power control not working

WiFi Q & A - a good info source

Setting up a wired Access Point (AP)

Choosing a channel to avoid interference from other AP's

Why "N" hardware isn't a good idea on 2.4GHz
Wifi "N" issues and information channel&start=0

Overclocking the RT-N16 / BCM4718's

Overclocking the WRT54GL / BCM3302 BCM5352 etc.

Monitoring Tomato's Interfaces using Wireshark

Tomato Builds and downloads

Installing Tomato - Notes

Flash new firmware without using Web GUI 

Easy backup and restore to any Tomato router

Flashing routers over the web

JTAG and Serial Console - Flash and Debrick tools

Debricking a Netgear 3500L

Debricking an ASUS RT-N16 - Firmware Recovery Tool Download

Dealing with problem users

MTU - Jumbo Ethernet Frames

How to make Custom Themes for Tomato

Limiting numbers of TCP and UDP connections 
New conntrack settings in Teddy Bear version.

RT-N16's supposed 300,000 connections ...

Data throughput for typical Wifi Systems
The effect of signal to noise ratio on throughput
Why small packets succeed better than big ones

The effect of USB3.0 on Wifi reception

Bit torrent DNA, DHT - UDP bandwidth hogging

IPTV, Broadcasts, & related info

How to block websites with Tomato

ADSL information and questions

Accessing a bridged modem via the router

Multiple Gateways - Using more than one ADSL line and router
or use recent Toastman builds modem route GUI

Remote Access to AP's

Why is DHCP disabled by default in Toastman builds?

Why RSSI isn't very useful for signal measurements

Why bigger Antennas may, or may not, improve your signal

Remote Capture on Tomato
Using Wireshark to monitor Tomato

Using the git firmware repository

Compiling Tomato

What Linux - Compiling firmware?

Tomato USB Mod site by Fedor "Teddy Bear"
This is a new site in addition to Linksysinfo Thread

MIMO - How it works and theory

Using the tomato webserver for your own pages etc!

Adding custom packages to Tomato

PPTP VPN threads and info

OpenVPN threads and info


VLAN setup GUI for tomato, info, discussion thread, and posts

Experimental MULTI-SSID Support (Guest Wireless)

Spanning Tree Protocol

ASUS RT-N16 Information

Flashing Tomato on a WRT610N

Waking a PC by using WOL (Wake On Lan) or MAGIC PACKET

Gigabit Ethernet link negotiation issues

DDNS Issues- Tips, bugfixes etc

TOR - A really BAD idea

IPv6 issues, Tips, RFC's etc

6RD IPv6 issues, Tips

A small Tomato IPV6 version for WRT54 etc

Blocking Ads

Comcast Download Problems with WMM

Blocking Skype

Optware Tips

CPU% v. CPU Load Averages

Using UPnP to open ports below 1024

USB mod for WRT54GL

Fixing Tomato's Slow USB HDD speeds

CFE Collection Project - a collection of router CFE's (user=dd-wrt & password=router) collection project/ (while server is maintained)

PPTP Client/ Server Info

Packet Flow - this will help you to understand Netfilter & IPtables operation

Recovering a bricked router with TFTP

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